Efficiently Manage Your Canteens & Cafeterias

Managing a canteen can be a very mind-numbing job as it involves paying attention to different individuals and their varying needs.

In a world of digitally savvy customers and a constant changing environment it is necessary to have a single, unified platform that not only allows you to seamlessly run operations but also offers a smooth, holistic customer experience.

SmartSale ERP offers an intuitive, integrated platform that works with your business no matter how large or complex your operations are. Customer-friendly, it is designed to easily manage and grow your business, whether a start-up, single store front to large retail shop, with this you can;

  • Sell goods and services from an integrated POS system
  • Keep track of stock , inventory levels and stock transfers
  • Keep regular contact with your customers via emails and text messages
  • Easily generate quotations, sales orders and sales receipts
  • Easily keep track of your sales, running expenses and profits
You can easily add, remove or change descriptions and pictures for menu items and also setup special promotions from time to time.

Our in-built reports and analytic tool allows you to monitor and assess various aspect of your operations such as stocks, sales, expenses, purchase patterns, etc.

In addition to the above, SmartSale ERP provides you with a solution for handling cashless payments. Whether Biometric or Smartcards, your clients can easily be verified before service is rendered. This is perfect for use in environments such as schools and organizations where canteen services are outsourced, and also where patrons first need to be authenticated before meals are served. Thus ensuring that meals are served to the right persons. There are many benefits of using cashless payments schemes, some of these include:

  • Faster checkout times
  • No cash handling, thus reduces the risk associated with cash handling
  • Eliminates cashing up and the reconciling process at the end of each sale period
  • Encourages advanced payment for goods and services.
  • Simplifies management of canteen operations
More so, multiple branches can be easily managed using our CloudSync feature.

This allows you to view, manage and be informed of sales and other transactional activities occurring at your other branches from anywhere in the world. Our in built dashboard allows you to get real time information.

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